What Mayhem is a modular framework, with capacity for carrying out routine tasks, such as - crawling, parsing, Brutus, search Volnov in large volumes of data.

These tasks are performed by utilizing the resources of the servers\workstations running Linux\FreeBSD.

Fuctional is based on the use of individual modules that perform each task. Also one of the main advantages of this framework is the existence of full multitasking and the possibility of creating the conveyor task.

The main fuel - web shells.

Basic equipment includes:

--- in fact, the very framework
--- module crawling domains with possibility of parsing CMS
--- the module parsing CMS Joomla\VP
--- rfi-scanner according to the specified patterns

--- ftp-Brutus
--- enumerator for VP (the output is perceived by the module of Brutus, which is extremely improves exhaust)
--- crawler-NG - crawler understands regexps
--- bruteforce-NG - Brutus on custom rules
--- url\geo filter - can be used as a Supplement to the crawler to target a desired geo zones
--- pop3 brute
--- heratbleed checker
--- ip crawler - can be used to search for an alternative web interfaces
--- opendns resolver - useful to whom Fidler DNS-spoofing


Price 500$
Contact >>> [email protected]