ShadowTDS - mobile TDS with built-in custom landing pages.
It is written specifically for mobile traff or even more android traffic.

About the capabilities of TDS
Distribution and traffic filtering by country, OS'pits, devices and browsers.
A detailed article on the total number of merged traffic and for each link separately.

Creating landing pages/URLs with different designs and settings. When creating a landing page has the opportunity to choose method of return of the file to include alerts when closing\opening, to enable sound notifications dialog box. Select the desired text language of the landing page and its type.

The generation of new .APK files (based on your .apk). At every generation you will receive a unique APK, with a unique link and checksums.
Also provides for rotation of external links to the life of each of them.

Now everything in great detail:

Here is the home page of the admin - the list of created links and statistics in the form of graphs and charts:
About Creating and editing links

video password: shadowtds

Price 400$
Contact >>> [email protected]